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FAQs - Residential Tenants

Your landlord is The Larger London Land Company and to speak to us call 01590 689001 or email [email protected]. Alternatively you may write to us at 1 Navarino Court, High Street, Lymington SO41 9AE.

Follow the fire safety instructions in the property and get your self and your family out. Ring us AFTER THE FIRE BRIGADE, if its out of office hours ring 07483 173536 as an emergency.

Turn off your water in the property if it is a leak* rather than a drip. Do your best to protect the surroundings by laying down towels and a utensil (bowl, basin) to collect the water. Ring the office and/or email and we will get it sorted asap.

Check the boiler is lighting up, if not, are you on a key meter? Do you have credit on the meter? Ring the office and/or email if this isn’t the problem. If its during a cold winter spell we will aim to find a gas plumber as soon as we can and we can supply electric heaters until the heating is sorted.

Please inform Sue Woods (01590 689001) as soon as this happens. If the damage is expensive to put right we may be able to claim on our property insurance whereby you will be charged the excess (accidental damage by a human to our property and fixtures), this doesn’t cover your possessions. If the damage is relatively minor we can discuss getting the damage repaired and charge this on by way of an invoice.

See our Condensation Busting ideas page in your welcome pack. Condensation is a normal part of life in the UK and can be controlled by ventilation, adequate heating and mild mould killing products.

Answer goeAny issue must be reported to us the landlords as soon as possible. The office is open Monday to Friday 8.50am to 4.30pm. 01590 689001. If you get the answer phone leave a clear short message with your name, the property address and a summary of the problem and your contact telephone numbers here

The office isn’t staffed at weekends or bank holidays so please email us on [email protected] or ring the office and leave a message and we will come back to you as soon as the office opens.

We request that you don’t change the decoration in the property. The properties are all decorated with a particular paint and colour and this must be kept accurate. Please contact the landlord to discuss this.

You can put up personal pictures etc as long as they are light and you use the no damage hanging stickers now available. Please do not knock any hangers/nails, tacks into the wall. If you have a particular picture or mirror you wish to hang please contact the landlord to discuss.

If there is a security issue (you have lost a set of keys or have had a set stolen) you can request a lock change, we would arrange this and may charge this to you if necessary, the landlord and a key holder must have a key for emergencies.

Can I change my gas and electric supplier. Yes, please do so to ensure you are getting the best deal. Please let the landlord know who you are using just before you leave the tenancy.

Speak to Sue Woods (01590 689001) in the office to discuss this. It all depends on the pet and the property. We try to be accommodating but Sue will discuss it with you.

Can I have cable fitted or a sky dish erected. You will need landlords permission to do this. We don’t usually refuse but if there is already a cable connection we don’t allow a sky dish as well. Please contact the landlord to get the permission in writing.

Company Information

Lymington Land Co Ltd
& Larger London Land Co Ltd

Registered Office:
1 Navarino Court,
High Street, Lymington,
Hampshire, SO41 9AE


Telephone: 01590 689001
Email: [email protected]